Saturday 6th of June 2020
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Certified Marine Surveyor

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Accredited Senior Appraiser

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Teicheira Maritime Surveyors

Teicheira Maritime Surveyors, Inc. is a firm of Independent Certified Marine Surveyors and Accredited Appraisers engaged in Hull and Machinery, Cargo and Yacht Surveying. The firm also engages in Condition and Valuation Surveys and Valuation Appraisals on commercial vessels, yachts, and marina facilities, as well as On-Hire and Off-Hire Surveys and Suitability for Tow/Voyage Surveys on commercial vessels.

Dana R. Teicheira, the firm’s Principal Surveyor/Appraiser, has conducted Casualty Investigations including collision, machinery failure, fire, and crew/passenger injuries for Marine Underwriters and attorneys and Risk Evaluations for Marine Underwriters. The firm provides Expert Witness Services and Litigation Support to Attorneys throughout the United States.

One of Mr. Teicheira’s area or expertise is the appraisal of marina, boatyard and shore side dock structures.

Mr. Teicheira is also a Certified Auditor for the American Waterway Operators Responsible Carrier Program and U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers/Dredging Contractors Of America Dredging Safety Management Program.